Sam's story

Sam Worton Your Community pic.jpg

I think that a healthy and vibrant community is diverse community. I go to Beal and there are a lot of students of different cultural backgrounds who go there as well. Beal also has a First Nations, Metis and Inuit education and support program. There is also a First Nations dance group who perform at school assemblies.

I think that gaining an understanding of First Nations culture is important for everyone because it is part of Canada’s history and heritage. It is what makes Canada unique to the world.

As a young person I feel that it is important for people of all ages, but especially youths, to gain an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures. More and more people are moving to Canada from all over the world. This is significantly shaping the multicultural nature of our communities.

I really enjoy going to public festivals like Sun Fest and St. Julien Park Community Festival. There are so many different arts, crafts and music from different cultures. Attending festivals like these are a great way to learn about other cultures. I hope to see even more festivals like these in more communities in the future.