Carol's story

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What do I think makes up a vibrant community? Well, I grew up in a family of ten and we all worked together, everybody had a job to do. So when I think of a community, I think about how we can all work together to make it vibrant.

Our knitting club The Happy Hookers is an example. It gets me out of the house and allows me to meet other people. Most importantly, the knitting club gives me an opportunity to teach others how to knit and contribute to the community.

Lately we have been knitting hats and mittens for kids who are in the childrens hospital. And we are knitting a whole bunch of red scarves as a means to bring about AIDS awareness.

A diverse community can be likened to a knitted quilt. Just as a community is made up of all sorts of people, a quilt can be made up of all sorts of colours and patterns. The strength of the fabric of a community comes from the diverse skills and strengths that each of us contribute.