do not cast your looks of pity
or disgust on me
do not cast stones
if you are as confused by me
as I am by you, let it be
in this world where small men cast
large shadows on glass towers
I am
the nomad no one wants
to be
I am outcast: cast out of job
cast out of home, cut off
from family
if I am broken,
I am like you except that you go
inside and have keys that unlock rooms
my home is my skin, thickened
and hardened by wind, sun, frost,
from sleeping on wood or concrete
Some One once said that I shall inherit
the earth, and perhaps He meant
this freedom to sleep anywhere,
in parks, on streets
I sleep on the edge of your awareness
the ledge where you balance
nervously to not be
I am the no-man
no one wants
to be

- Ola Nowosad

Ola Nowosad is a poet, member of Poetry London, and a London secondary school teacher. Her poem was the winning entry in the 2013 Grit Uplifted creative writing contest.