Wes's story


I was raised in New York City, Manhattan and Queens. My father was in the foreign service, working for the Dutch government in the Netherland consulate. When he passed away, I lost my sponsorship and moved to London in 1972 because my uncle lived here. 

I don't think people in London really realize that the city owes its existence to the Royal Canadian Regiment. London was built around its military history. There are three significant places that demonstrate this: the London Armouries building at Dundas and Waterloo, the Middlesex County Courthouse at 399 Ridout, (which were built in the early 18th century) and Victoria Park.

It's kind of a shame that only on Remembrance day do Londoners recognize the integral part that the city has historically played in our country's military history. I think that this history should be acknowledged and celebrated more often.