A long commute means something different to this young woman

From a teenage pregnancy and severe depression to high school graduation and her very first job, the Health Centre team helped a young woman realize her own strength and resilience.


Michelle is proud of her full-time job, and her beautiful 5-year-old daughter Sophia. But getting to this point in her life wasn’t easy. Michelle became pregnant at 15. She was overwhelmed and running out of options, so she turned to the London InterCommunity Health Centre. That’s where her relationship with Aparna started. Throughout the years, Aparna has always been ready to help whenever Michelle needs it. Sometimes it’s a simple as being a sympathetic ear at any time of the day or night. But it's also been as life-changing as finding the mental health care Michelle needed to treat her severe depression. “She’s been the best thing that ever happened to me. She gives me support and peace of mind. I know I can go to her and anyone else on the team for help whenever I need to. They’re like family to me. I trust Aparna with everything.”

The network of support staff at the Health Centre have given Michelle a stable and dependable base to work from. She returned and finished high school, and found a full-time job. It’s her first job, and she is thrilled to be there every day. Even though she has to commute across the city to get there, she has a smile on her face and a sunny attitude the moment she starts her shift. “I love it there. Everyone I work with is really friendly and nice. If things get really busy, I’ll stay a little later after my shift to make sure that they aren’t overwhelmed.” In time, Michelle wants to continue with her education and hopefully enrol in the nursing program at Western University. But for now, her focus is on working to provide a great life for herself and her daughter.

This positive path began with a helping hand from the Health Centre team, and in 25 years of service, there are many proud stories like Michelle's.