Lia's Story


A healthy community needs programs for people in the neighbourhood to get together, learn, and support one another. It is beneficial for people to work together as a means to create a safe and comfortable community. 

Everybody has problems and being able to get some kind of support is vital for the health of our community. For me, being able to find skill building support was a huge step in my personal development and an even bigger boost to my self confidence. 

Since I became a volunteer with NELCE (North East London Community Engagement), I have gained valuable organizational and interpersonal skills. I really enjoy helping out with different social programs and cooking programs. 

Programs such as these allow community members to socialize at a comfortable level. This I feel, builds a special trust between us, which promotes a healthy sense of inclusion within our community. 

When a community does not have this, some people can very easily become isolated, trapped. That was my experience for a while, but I began volunteering with NELCE and everything in my life changed. I have a passion for working with people and coordinating community programs. I want to follow this passion and see where it goes.