Demanding health equity for all

The London InterCommunity Health Centre stands for health equity for the entire London community. This includes advocacy support work through the Association of Ontario Health Centres

Check out the Health Centre's most recent work: 

December 2012
Refugee Healthcare – Advocating against the changes to the interim Federal Health Program to cut most health care benefits for refugees.
September 2013
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Health - Facilitating and supporting change within the community-governed primary healthcare sector and increasing access to existing resources for LGBT clients. 
Substance Abuse - Supporting the need for increased access to methadone as part of a harm reduction strategy in the City of London.
December 2013
Affordable, Accessible Oral Health Programs - Advocating for health equity issues, as well as build public and political support for expanding provincial programs to include adults and children who cannot access or afford dental services. 
January 2014
Poverty as a Determinant of Health - Advocating on behalf of Ontarians living in poverty through supporting a raise in a healthy minimum wage, consulting to develop Ontario's next Poverty Reduction Strategy, and advocating to stop the cuts to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB). 
April 2014 
Medical Tourism - Association of Ontario Health Centres, along with Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, the Medical Reform Group, and the Association of Ontario Midwives, called on the Ontario government to ban inbound medical tourism in Ontario. 
June 2014
Refugee and Newcomer Health - Advocating and responding to refugee and newcomer health policy-shaping proposals and decisions, as well as advocating for healthy public policy to assist those that are non-insured. 
August 2014
Over-dose Prevention - Increased access to over-dose prevention medication as part of partnership with Middlesex London Health Unit and RHAC to provide Naloxone kits and training.
September 2014
National House Strategy - Canada’s Health Centres called for establishment and funding of a national housing and homelessness-reduction strategy, as there are 1.5 million Canadian households in “core housing need.”
October 2014
Trans-Health Training - Supporting city-wide training on trans cultural competency and trans-health training for primary care providers in the community to increase access for transgendered individuals and to raise awareness of the barriers to care.