The London InterCommunity Health Centre invites you to join them on a journey into the heart of London and a discussion about why, for the sake of our collective health, wealth and well being, we must choose to see one community.

Rebuilding a life and gaining a family

What makes you leave your country, a career you love and everyone you know? Read more.

Steady work

A completely, white, proud, pigeon, scrub
Waddles, in and out, of the, push, and, mud
At, heart, a beautiful dove
Everyone, would surly love
Ticks, infest, his, ribs
Yesterday’s dinner, still, on, his, bib
By, the, weather
A, single goal, in, mind
Some, more, food to find
Never, enough
Has, made, him, tough
At, the, end, of, the day
He, flies
Maybe, to, a, nest
Built, inside
Would, be, for the, best
If I, see, him, again
I, will, think, of him, as, a, friend

- Alan Blenkhorn


“Right now my goals are to stay clean and get a job. I hope that my community gets better and safe.”
— Rob
“Canada has progressive laws on racial discrimination but through my eyes and experiences a disturbing climate of racism permeate our community.”
— Samantha